Ray Sylvester

Seattle, WA

I'm a movement specialist and teacher of the Feldenkrais Method. I help people find easier and more pleasurable ways to be in their bodies.

I have a background in account management, as well as qualitative and quantitative market research with focuses on social media and healthcare. Currently, I make things happen at Amazon.

My interests include language, music, awareness, and health/nutrition with a Paleo bent.

I'm the editor of the acclaimed Digestive Health with REAL Food by Aglaée Jacob (http://amzn.to/19EJCLU) and its companion cookbook (http://amzn.to/Jl5npH); The Paleo Dieter's Missing Link (http://amzn.to/18FO9tb); and Paleo Magazine Readers' Favorites Cookbook (http://amzn.to/19FYXaN).

  • Work
    • Editorial consultant at editintuitive.com
  • Education
    • BA, Brown University