Raz Chorev

Sydney Australia

A natural leader with over 15 years in management roles, Raz offers unique leadership skills to a forward thinking business. With a supportive style that brings out the best in people, Raz believes in the power of teamwork and has experienced first hand the impressive results a collaborative environment can deliver.

His honest and open approach has earned Raz a reputation as a straight shooter with no hidden agendas. His motivations are always fully transparent and his integrity is highly valued by those who work with him - many using words like 'genuine', 'honest' and 'approachable' to describe Raz on a personal and professional level.

As a communicator Raz is equally comfortable presenting to C-suite executives, a boardroom audience or university students. He has worked with financial institutions, industry associations, NGO’s, academia, large enterprises and SME’s and has published dozens of articles in business magazines. He also serves in advisory roles to a number of charities and community organizations and is an avid learner who is motivated by personal growth and development.

In summary, Raz is a goal-oriented professional who achieves outstanding results by combining extensive management experience with a warm personal touch.

Specialties: Team Leadership. Organisational and Financial Management. Digital Marketing. Brand Creation. Social Media Strategies and Implementation.