Mary Murphy

Mother in New Paltz, NY

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I am an 86 year old (and counting) lover of certain actors, web design, Kindle books, film, USA Cable, British & Scandinavian TV, and my i pad

Among my award-winning sites is one dedicated to my mother, Helen Burrey Brown, who served in France in World War 1 as a Red Cross nurse. That site is now part of the Smithsonian Institute’s Great War materials. I have my own domain on the internet -- I also run a popular web site for the actor Russell Crowe (who has become a friend), as well as for old favorites Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Alec Guinness and Carol Lombard. (links are at Murphsplace) I have Facebook pages for Russell, and for the actors Shaun Evans, Colin Firth and Daniel Day-Lewis plus a page for favorite "hunks."

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