Rainer Dreyer

Grand Cayman

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I'm currently lazing around on a beach with a Mojito in the Cayman Islands, when not writing tons of python code, kissing stingrays for good luck or riding a tiny red scooter. :D #We'reHiring

I previously worked for Amazon.com's Web Services (AWS), building the developer-facing EC2 API using Java and internal services using Ruby. (Fun acronyms, I promise.)

I completed my BScHonours(Computer Science) at the University of Cape Town with a distinction (2011). Check out my team's honours project! #mobile #GIS #game

I was born in Namibia '88, lived in Germany '91 - '03 and finished High School back in Namibia '06. I am proudly African - chilled like Tafel Lager - and love things that work well. I enjoy climbing, hiking & diving. I listen to podcasts and try to read more.

I also love people, technology and ideas. One day I'll fix online education. (We should be putting a 'graph' of lessons and tests on MicroSD cards if we want to reach Africa. HD Video != Accessibility) :(

Ubuntu > Windows. Beer ≥ Wine > Spirits. Röyksopp > most other music.
ruby & CoffeeScript > go & haskell > java & c# > PHP. EC2 ≫ other clouds. #CantTouch

PS: Facebook is for friends and family. My quirky comments are on twitter and the really geeky stuff on G+. Ask to be added to my CS 'circle' if you want more.

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