Real Alternatives

Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Programs in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Real Alternatives Empowers Women and Supports Reproductive Health

Real Alternatives provides pregnancy and parenting support to women throughout Pennsylvania and empowers women to protect their reproductive health. Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Real Alternatives guides women toward assuming charge of their lives and understanding the importance of not rushing into decisions regarding abortion.

Services focus on offering compassion to those who come to Real Alternatives and its network of service providers helping them avoid crisis pregnancies, improve parenting skills, and learn about alternatives to abortion. Additionally, the center offers information and services for women who feel forced or pressured to choose an abortion.

In addition to pregnancy and parenting support services, the agency helps women overcome sexual pressures and access resources for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which require early diagnosis and treatment to effectively halt their progression and prevent the spread of disease. Real Alternatives’ resources range from STD referrals to education on the health benefits of living a chaste lifestyle. Individuals seeking assistance for an STD can also speak with one of the center’s counselors under the security of confidentiality.