“Has the true history of planet earth been suppressed?”

I believe it to be so, because accepted history has, without exception ALWAYS been written by the victors.

To have an alternative view is only fair and balanced so why have we been limited to only one side of the narrative.

Why have we only been told very little and fed only one version of the story, any other views being completely ignored or demonised with people even being imprisoned for having an ‘alternative’ view on certain subjects?

I know that the media gatekeepers, both “mainstream” and “alternative,” will never allow the biggest, most important revelations to see the light of day.

So, if I can place the slightest doubt in somebody’s mind about the ‘official’ version of a universally accepted mainstream story, then I hope it will encourage people to look at other things with an equally critical eye and be able to see the bigger picture.

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