Nancy Silberkleit

Public Speaker, ceo, and comics in Rye, New York

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Nancy Silberkleit is the Co-CEO of Archie Comics. She is a well-respected educator, public speaker, and internationally-recognized entrepreneur. With her background in education and publishing, expertise in child development, and a natural skill-set for entrepreneurship, Nancy has been instrumental in ensuring the graphic platform serves as a means to utilize the entertaining edge of comic books to present information on relevant social issues.Nancy has worked with MADD Mothers against Drunk Driving, the Plastics Coalition, and Boston Children's Hospital Obesity Initiative.

Nancy's years with Archie Comics have been dedicated to promoting graphics as an academic resource for communicating in today's world. In Nov. 2012, Nancy spoke at INK Talks in Pune India and returned months later to be part of Globe One. Her visit to India connected her to Flame University, where students shared their thoughts on global education and getting young people interested in education. Silberkleit's philanthropy has been steadfast throughout the United States and abroad with the passion to encourage youth to embrace her message: "Never let anyone define who they want you to be. You know who you are. Get active in your life."

Nancy maintains an intrigue for an entrepreneurial course of study for today's minds. These words are echoed in her lectures:

"Never question if you can. Only question why would you ever think you cannot! Stay on task. Focus. Never let anyone draw you into their

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