Aderemi Ojo

Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker in Ibadan

Aderemi Ojo

Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker in Ibadan

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Ojo, Aderemi is a writer and Nigerian historian trained at the University of Ibadan where he was also President of the Students Union. He has worked with several media organisations including the Tribune Newspapers, Ibadan, Nigeria. He is host of the podcast "Nigeria's History In Our Time". He founded the Platinum Deremi Hub to give media to journalists, researchers and politicians to share their ideas for the public to reflect on.

He is the author of "Dear Successor," an epistolary book and "Olùkọ" an abridged chapter from his forthcoming memoir "Àrọ́bá".

He is also the convener of the Àwa'rawa Movement - a campaign group for developmental politics, youth participation in politics, local government autonomy and restructuring of Nigeria. [Dimukaradiyya in Hausa, Ochichi oha Karasi in Igbo and People's Democracy in English].

He has spoken at several conferences on Nigerian university campuses and on national and international platforms. These include Nigerian Internet Governance Forum Conference on personal democracy in Lagos; national leadership symposium of the Academic Staff Union of Universities also in Lagos; the South West Nigeria's Not-Too-Young-To-Run/Yiaga Conference held at the American Corner in Ibadan; and Education Industry Exchange and Hope Foundation Conference on Africa.

He has won a few awards including the Merit Award presented by the National Association of Students of English Language and Literary Students [NASELS] South-West Region, Nigeria.

Presently, Aderemi lives and works in Ibadan, Nigeria. His handle across social media platforms is @realojoaderemi. He can also be reached via email [email protected]



"Dear Successor,"

"Nigeria's History In Our Time" podcast: