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Gretna, LA

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My most overwhelming passions are acting in theater and photography, and my newest, documentary filmmaking. I have always been a passionate observer, as well, which helps these other passions a great deal. I am overwhelmed at the way a photograph captures a moment in time forever with so many details that we miss. Photographs are the only true fountain of eternal life introducing us to times and places we would never see otherwise.

A jacqueline of all trades, I love experiencing and learning new things as much as possible. I have tried to follow all positive opportunities that I've been offered, have fought for, or have fallen into my lap by sheer luck.

It has given me many opportunities. I have been a scientist, teacher, photographer, whale biologist, Fisheries observer, newspaper editor, actor, camera repair manager, pet shop employee, bagel seller, reporter, caterer, etc. etc.

Live your life for passion not for the norm.