Rebecca Ryals Russell

North Central Florida, USA

An avid reader of anything Fantasy from the time I learned to read, I always dreamed of writing the fantastic tales for other kids to read. Finally, after many many years I find myself fulfilling that wish as I write MG and YA Dark Fantasy and Horror plus some Picture Books. My favorite series being Lord of the Rings, I kept Tolkien’s writing in mind while writing my first series The Seraphym Wars. I also kept J K Rawling’s series, Harry Potter, in mind as far as character development and use of evil elements. But my all-time favorite writer is Ray Bradbury because of his twist-endings and multiple plot points you don’t see coming.

My main interests are my four young adult/teenaged children and Irish hubby of nearly 40 years. I enjoy spending time writing (and lately doing a lot of promo and marketing), drawing, going to movies with my oldest daughter and sharing a popcorn, reading all of the exciting new YA Fantasy books flooding the market, discussing philosophy, world culture, religion and Classic Literature with my oldest son and attending Soccer Tournaments with our youngest son. While my middle daughter has graduated from UF and married her highschool sweetheart, she still needs our reassurance and support as she finds a job and helps her hubby through Law School.

  • Education
    • Broward Community College
    • University of Central Florida