Rebecca Maria

Boulder CO

Entrepreneur and Creative Director, Rebecca Maria, believes our world is ripe to engage digital media in ways that transcend the limits of previous social conditioning, where organizational development was first rooted in an industrial revolution mindset. Today we are taking bold steps to infuse our media experience with authentic and ethical action and communication. We are helping to anchor socially and ecologically sustainable advancements through the use of technology and to ensure a future that rewards innovation and freedom.

As a cultural collective, digital and social platforms are uniquely effective for actualizing human potential on a large scale. In group dynamics, new leadership can introduce a much needed fresh take, helping to upgrade business beliefs from ruts that have become untenable or unproductive. New modes of interpersonal learning and structure naturally call forth novel uses in interactive media design and functionality. Now that digital design is becoming more responsive, it will become ever more intuitive to organic human interaction. It is society's challenge and goal that we keep technological advances in alignment with our evolving humanity.

It’s time to embrace new ways we can all take a uniquely courageous stand for something technologically progressive within our sphere of influence. We can let existing media feed us the old beliefs, or we can grab ours by the code and use it to take empowering and expansive action now to meet the overwhelming and immediate complex challenges facing so many collectives right now. An as yet undefined but exciting world is emerging, one in which you are a key player. Be smart. Be heartfelt. Be the change.

One. Planet. Now.

The state of our world -- as we experience it via media --invites us to look at how our interior values, the way we think and function daily, are reflected and broadcast. Observing ourselves and noticing how we are simultaneously influenced and how we become influenceres is something which media can also teach us.

Integral Active Media has emerged as the culmination of various human potential projects and entrepreneurial interests of Rebecca's over the past decade. If you’re curious what inspires and motivates our team to make the world a better place, starting with core groups, you're invited to read more of our stance on evolutionary activism -- available on our website