Rebeccah Giltrow


Rebeccah is a writer by trade, with skills of varying degrees in knitting, baking, EFL teaching, performing, photography, dog-walking, sleeping, painting, and procrastinating. She always carries a red pen with her, in order to correct punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors that she finds on her travels.

Rebeccah has been a writer since she can remember, but after graduating from University of Essex in 2005 with B.A. (hons) English Language & Literature, and again in 2008 with M.A. Literature: Creative Writing, she decided to take the craft more seriously. Under the watchful eye of authors and university lecturers, Maria Cristina Fumagalli, Adrian May, Philip Terry, and Marina Warner, Rebeccah honed her writing skills and became an avid follower of the Oulipo, focussing on this for her final dissertation.

Since graduating from university, Rebeccah has written a collection of 26 lipogrammatic short stories, Twenty-six Degrees, a collection of 12 Christmas stories, Twelve Days of Krista May Rose, and a full length novel, Lexa Wright's Dating Sights. Excerpts of these can be found on her blog. She is currently writing her first children's book, The Adventures of Lily and Hudson.

As well as writing, she regularly performs at the New Words, Fresh Voices open mic night at The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft, where she reads her poetry and short stories.

Rebeccah is an active member of Lowestoft Library Writing Group and has been attending this group since 2009, and in September 2012 she set up a writing group for teen writers (aged between 11 and 17) at Lowestoft Library. In January 2014 she set up Kessingland Library Creative Writing Group.

When she's not writing, Rebeccah enjoys producing visual art, and occasionally takes photos, paints pictures, and makes collages. Her work has been shown at The Halesworth Gallery, The Ferini Gallery, Lowestoft Arts Centre, and Kessingland Library.

  • Work
    • EFL Teacher
  • Education
    • Norwich Institute of Language Education
    • University of Essex - B.A. (hons) English Language & Literature
    • University of Essex - M.A. Literature: Creative Writing