Rebecca Jewsbury

Rebecca Jewsbury

I'm your Context Strategist.

I translate information into clear page designs & editorial plans for many kinds of businesses.

Context strategy, a term that just came to my mind a few weeks ago, isthe application of information architecture and content strategy to fully define and describe a company’s online presence. This intersection is where information architecture and content strategy inform each other in the iterative process of creating a website. It's what creators in the online information design disciplines do every day.

The intersection of Information Architecture (IA) and Content Strategy (CS) lies in the grey areas where IA in it's research and iteration uncovers structural relationships and where CS, in it's research and exploration, uncover areas of use and broad application that may, on large projects, escape the IA. It's in these grey areas that nuance lies.

Core to these roles is, as Richard Saul Wurman said long ago, "Making the complex clear." I design information structures and content strategies that support clarity of context across devices and unity of messaging and description--all to support your company and how you'd like customers to describe your brand.

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