Rebecca Paul

I am a Design Strategist with 6+ years of experience across product development & operations management, and 4+ years of experience in digital marketing, online publishing & content strategy. I am driven by the potential of design and innovation to positivey impact our future, supported by direct research & analysis to identify new behaviors, emerging trends and unrecognized opportunities.

I recently recieved my Master’s degree in Design Management (DM) from the Pratt Institute. The DM program was designed to develop strategic leaders able to bridge the disciplines of design and business, examples of our course work include: Managing Innovation and Change, Strategic Technology, Strategic Marketing, Brand Strategy, Manegrial Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Reporting and Analysis. While in the program I was hired as the Assistant to the Department Chair, and was appointed as Executive Editor for the department's publication Catalyst Strategic Design Review. Our content focused on how design can be used to improve economic systems, find alternatives to extraction based industries and financial reform.

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