Rebsec Solutions


Rebsec stands for "Rebellion" "Securities", implying a new and dynamic approach in field of network and information security services .
Our company offers both professional training programs and security solutions.

Rebsec knowledge Solutions
provides intensive and highly professional training programs focused on providing an individual with carrer
opportunities and growth in IT sector, as there is a huge demand of security professionals in IT companies. The training programs and
Courses provided by Rebsec are ISO 9001:2008 certified, thus globally accepted. The two to six months training programs focus on
industrial training, where students get to work on live projects in well-equipped labs under the guidance of professionals. Special Courses
like android security, IPhone security, network security, firewall security, Malware security. Besides these Courses, we also provide
workshops for institutions and companies, designed to help them master practical steps for defending their systems and networks against most
dangerous threats. For more awareness on network and information security, our company conducts seminars too.

Rebsec Security Solutions
provides its clients with specially customized network and information security solutions on all levels. We have
highly qualified and trained team of professionals dedicated to provide the clients with the best and highly effective solutions. We are fortuitous that ourclients range more than 200 worldwide in all sectors. Our expert team has research and development department where new technologies have innovated Solution Specialty on android also. Our Espionage solutions assist you in backend for long term support or flexible help according to customers’ requirement. Empowering our students with latest knowledge, high-end professional training and atmosphere, and our clients with best security solutions along with customer satisfaction is our main goal.