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Founder and Creative Consultant in Louisville, Kentucky

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Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Rebyrth Ablaze began the path of imagination and innovation at four years old. A Multidisciplinary Geek specializing in literary, visual, and performance arts, her passion would ignite itself on the stage or behind a computer screen.

For over 19 years, she has been of service to Individuals, Small Businesses, and Non-Profit Organizations within the Fashion, Arts & Culture, and Entertainment Industries.

From K-12, she participated in talent shows, competitions, and plays. As of result of being involved in business and technology extracurricular and civic engagement activities, Rebyrth established her first businesses, Mastermind Web Design & Publishing and Vibal Unison (est. 2002), not too long after graduating from high school.

While attending college full-time, Rebyrth applied to internships ranging from youth corporate marketing to community arts. She worked part-time in Higher Education, Non-Profit, and Government; was involved in campus and community organizations; and performed poetry and dance on campus and throughout the Louisville Metro Area.

After over 20 years of performance and the birth of her son "Lil' Ablaze," she retired from the stage in 2012. In 2013, she returned to Fashion as a Creative Director and Publicist while simultaneously working in Non-Profit (Community Arts and Autism) as an Arts Technologist and Educator.

During her youth, despite being multifaceted, her original career pursuit was Design, desiring to become an Architect and Fashion Designer (briefly worked in retail from her senior year in high school to her first year in college).

Being a Work-At-Home Mom of an Autistic Son pushed Rebyrth even further to pursue the path of ownership and building a legacy, primarily focusing on her son's education and development along with her future business endeavors.

In 2016, she founded Rebyrth Ablaze, LLC d.b.a. From the Desk of Rebyrth Ablaze, a virtual creative consulting company, consisting of a parent company with three subsidiaries: Vibal Unison Consulting (est. 2012), Byrth Blaze Productions (est. 2012), and The Savvyfire Group (est. 2014).

To build up her repertoire and expand her clientele, Rebyrth took on independent contracting and pro bono projects; sponsored arts and fashion events; and, in 2018, she partnered with a local modeling and talent group as a Model Consultant until 2020.

Fashion is a Legacy, Builder since Birth.™️

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    • University of Louisville (In Progress)
    • duPont Manual High School (HSU, Business Tech.)