Recille Coble

kayak Fishing in Maui County, HI

Recille Coble

kayak Fishing in Maui County, HI

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For those in the kayak fishing community who live outside of Hawaii the word ‘holoholo’ may be new. When someone is going holoholo, he or she is soulfully venturing out to have fun and to clear their mind. It’s meaning is kind of like the saying ‘a journey without a destination.’ In the islands you may hear someone say, “I had a crazy week at work, I’m going holoholo this weekend.” The literally meaning is to aimlessly go out for pleasure, doing something that brings you joy, having no destination, only doing something for the fun of it. The word has a strong link to fishing in Hawaii in the belief one should ‘Never announce you’re going fishing.’ because the fish can hear you. Holoholo became a code word for fishing.

“Sometimes the fish are small, sometimes the fish are big, sometimes there are no fish at all, none of that matters; its the sun, the clouds, some dolphins or whales swimming by, the sound of water slapping my kayak, the salt air, a bird overhead, waves crashing in the distance, water puffing from a humpbacks blowhole, It is often the sights and sounds that surround me when I’m on the water that matter most, its the small things that create some of the biggest moments….BUT don’t get me wrong, I’M REALLY OUT THERE TO HOOK A HUGE FIGHTING FISH!”

My Life, Loves and Adventures Outside of Fishing…Cooking, Camping, Island Hopping, Family Time on Da Beach!

When traveling we intentionally try not to get super detailed with our trip planning. Over time we have naturally adopted the holoholo concept in our everyday lives. We do our best to go with the flow and be happy or amused with whatever happens. We have discovered practising this peaceful-play belief works best for us. Many of our most memorable moments have been unexpected experiences that we could have never planned.

I enjoy traveling, being outdoors and exploring remote places. You can follow my adventures on my blog Holoholo Kayak Fishing.

I feel fortunate to live in Hawaii and I make every effort to live a positive, joyful, caring life filled with the spirit of aloha.


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