Javier G. Recuenco

I'm another IT nerd and serial enterpreneur.

I'm not so special, even if my job involves making people feel special.

Founder of Singular Targeting, first personalized advertising management agency & General personetics boutique consultancy.

Founder of Abypersonalize, first Personetics based Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm.

Founder of Mirodinero.com, a Personal Finance Recommender.

Founder of Mirotele.com, a Digital Content Recommender.

ESIC, ICEMD, IUM, ISEM... and some other academic institutions have had as well a piece of me, either as a professor, speaker or both. Wrote a book, Personalization (2004) through Pearson - Financial Times. Two more on the pipeline.

Previous to all that crap, been CTO of several companies and Senior Consultant working all through the globe. Computer Science Engineer and some Business Admin thrown in, for good measure.

6'1" of a lovely bloke, all in all.