Red Haircrow

Red Haircrow

Red Haircrow is an award-winning writer/poet, educator/activist, chef and business owner of Native American descent (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) currently based in Berlin, Germany. Red Haircrow holds a BSc Psychology, and is a Graduate Student at Montana State University Bozeman in Native American Studies focusing on native psychology, healing and intergenerational trauma.

Flying With Red Haircrow Productions is Red’s multimedia consultation company where he works as a producer, editor, promoter, and press manager as well an educational consultant specializing in Native American/Indigenous culture.

Red Haircrow has essays, articles, short stories and poetry at his main website, Songs of the Universal Vagabond, and published in several magazines and journals such as Indian Country Today Media Network, Danse Macabre, Assaracus Magazine, American Athenaeum, StarBooks Press and Sibling Rivalry Press, with comments and interviews in MotherJones, Ex-Berliner, Global Post, Deutsche Welle, STERN and others.

Topics and themes are often Native American rights, concerns, culture and history, indigenous rights worldwide, and cultural appropriation. Opportunities for education, consultation and collaboration are actively sought.

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