Redirect Calls

Business Phone Plans To Expand Your Market

Business phone plans help them to receive calls from around the globe. This is critical for companies that wish to expand their business into uncharted waters. It could help them increase their profitability and gain a completely new client base. Plan providers help business owners choose from a collection of opportunities to achieve these goals.Answer Lines and Customer ServiceAnswer line services present business owners with a call center-based service. This prevents phones from rolling over to voice-mail unnecessarily. With this service, the company receive customer service assistance. This ensures all customers that their calls are answered in record time. All calls that are for specific staff members are transferred to their direct line based on the calling plan chosen.Choosing a Calling PlanCalling plans may include a variety of services. They start with the creation of an international phone number. This phone number is toll-free and allows customers from all over the world to contact the business. These plans may require a flat-rate fee or are based on the duration of phone calls. The business owner should assess their monthly call volumes when choosing these options.The calling plan may also include call forwarding. These services allow a virtual switchboard to transfer calls based on chosen criteria. For example, if a customer had a question about a certain product, they are forwarded to sales representatives. This options on this page works well with remote connections via business telephony systems and smart phone.Fax to callagenix redirect Email ServicesThe fax to email services are highly beneficial for owners who are too busy to check fax machines frequently.