RedWing Stoneware Collector

Ralston, NE

I first heard about Red Wing's wares about 10 years ago when I had a large house plant in an ugly pot. It would have been quite a chore repotting it, so someone suggested just putting the pot inside a crock. I asked "what's a crock"? About a week later, I went to a farm auction and bought a 15 gallon Red Wing crock. I didn't know it then, but that purchase would start an obsession.

Now, I am an avid collector of Red Wing stoneware. I enjoy going to estate sales & auctions looking for items to repurpose/reclaim instead of filling our landfills. The more I got into Red Wing, the more I realized how many others in the United States shared my passion and it blows my mind the number of friends I've made over the years now all with the this shared love and interest.

Recently started up a small business called "RWStoneware" localy in Ralston Nebraska to help bring together and organize all of my Stoneware purchases, sales, trades, and appraisals.

Please feel free to check out my website listed below and reach out to me any time. I would love to talk Red Wing with you and even help build your collection.