Dr. Reed Moskowitz

A graduate of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Reed Moskowitz is regularly consulted by national, regional, and local media outlets. Nationally, Dr. Reed Moskowitz was featured on CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, and CNN Sonya Live. Appearing on The World Tomorrow, a religious program viewed by an estimated 1.3 million people weekly, Dr. Reed Moskowitz was interviewed by David Hulme about hostility and heart disease. He also often tackles stress as another popular topic. Dr. Reed Moskowitz took part in a live CNBC interview about treating stress disorders and appeared on Hard Copy as an expert to discuss the case of a 50 year old woman with amnesia. Dr. Reed Moskowitz also was consulted on stress related topics for segments airing on local CBS New York, NBC, ABC, and FOX affiliate stations. Furthermore, as the first psychiatrist to take part in an NFL half-time show, Dr. Reed Moskowitz set a precedent in front of a national audience, discussing burnout in professional sports.

Since completing his residency at the Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Reed Moskowitz has held positions as an Assistant Psychiatrist, an Assistant in Clinical Psychiatry, and a Psychiatric Consultant. Recently working at the New York University Medical Center, Dr. Reed Moskowitz was the Medical Director for the Stress Disorders Center and a Clinical Assistant Professor. Dr. Reed Moskowitz holds memberships in the American Psychiatric Association and the Biofeedback Society of America.

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