Reese Jones

When Reese Jones founded Farallon in 1985, then Netopia, he set himself on the path to a long career in technological innovation and investment. As a graduate student in biophysics at the University of California, Berkeley, Reese Jones decided to focus his attention on his entrepreneurial endeavors (as an grad student at Berkeley, Reese Jones founded BMUG, the campus’s first home brew computer society). After some great success and a number of inventions and patents, Reese Jones moved into venture capital and took on advisory roles at Silicon Valley firms, including Convergence which merged to form c-core and then was acquired by Arris. Reese Jones currently serves as a Trustee of Singularity University. Reese Jones is also a board member of liveBooks, an online company providing Internet service infrastructures for professional photographers. Jobvite, Smaato, Related Content Database, and others have counted Reese Jones among its board members. In addition to his work with privately held companies such as Smaato, Jobvite, Moon Express, Definitive Stories, liveBooks, and Current Group LLP, Reese Jones is working on a long-term project focused on his interest in human evolution. Reese Jones is a Lester Fellow at the University of California Berkeley and serves on the board of the nonprofit Chabot Space & Science Center. A San Francisco resident, Reese Jones makes his home in San Francisco, though he has also lived in France and other California cities.