Reese McCrary

Controls Engineer and Manufacturing in Birmingham, AL, United States

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Reese McCrary began his ascent in the manufacturing industry, starting as a Maintenance Technician. This initial role laid the groundwork for his practical understanding of machinery and systems. In this position, he honed his skills in troubleshooting and maintenance, learning the intricacies of the machines that are the backbone of the industry.

His aptitude for understanding complex electrical systems, combined with his natural problem-solving skills, led to a seamless transition to the role of a Controls Engineer. In this capacity, he became not just a participant in the manufacturing process but a key innovator. His expertise in programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems revolutionized manufacturing processes. His career trajectory exemplified a perfect blend of hands-on experience and technical knowledge.

His relentless pursuit of excellence was further highlighted by obtaining a CORE certification from Inductive Automation. This achievement enabled him to integrate the advanced "Ignition" software into his work, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of his field.

Outside the professional arena, Reese's life is as vibrant and fulfilling as his career. His passion for fitness mirrors the discipline and determination he exhibits at work. Regular exercise keeps him physically fit and mentally sharp, preparing him for the challenges of his professional life. His love for video gaming offers a different kind of challenge and relaxation, allowing him to unwind and engage in a community with shared interests.

His affection for his dog is the most telling aspect of his personal life. The companionship he shares with his pet starkly contrasts the structured and demanding nature of his work. In these moments, playing and caring for his dog, he finds a sense of balance and joy, underscoring the importance of nurturing relationships in one's life.

Reese McCrary's life story is one of continuous growth and balance. From his early days in Alabama to his current status as a skilled Controls Engineer, he has maintained a steadfast commitment to his profession while ensuring his personal life is rich and rewarding. His journey is a beacon of inspiration, highlighting that true success is achieved when professional accomplishments are in harmony with personal fulfillment.

  • Education
    • Hoover High School, Hoover, Alabama
    • Wallace State Community College