Reginald Bellerose

Advisor of Above Food Corp in Saskatchewan, Canada

A longtime First Nations Chief, businessman and advisor, Reginald Bellerose has dedicated his life to creating economic opportunities for the First Nations of Saskatchewan and across Canada.

Bellerose served as Chief of the Muskowekwan First Nation for 17 years and became Chair of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority in 2015. He is the Chair of Bellerose and Associates Incorporated, a consulting firm, and advises many organizations advancing First Nations interests.

As part of his efforts to increase economic opportunities for the First Nations, Bellerose has an advisory position with Above Food Corp., where he is assisting the development of a First Nations food brand. The company will offer delicious, plant-based foods with crops grown on First Nations lands and produced by First Nations peoples.

Bellerose is a proud steward of First Nations organizations. In addition to his position with SIGA, he also serves as the chair of Saskatchewan Indian Training Assessment Group (SITAG).

Through advocacy of gaming, education, justice reform, children, and the labour market, Bellerose hopes to build wealth for First Nations. His profound commitment to expanding economic sovereignty for the First Nations is reflected by efforts at economic development, fiscal relations and support for entrepreneurs.

Reginald Bellerose holds a Masters Certificate in Project Management from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in History and Political Science from Concordia University in Edmonton.

His education also includes the wisdom of the many Chiefs and Elders that he has worked with as Chief of the Muskowekwan First Nation.