Reginald Finley

Science Educator in Orlando, Florida

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Advanced Sciences Educator, Science Popularizer, Evolutionary Biologist, Critical Thinking Advocate.

I'm originally from Atlanta, GA. I am a US Army veteran and former federal correctional officer. After discovering philosophy in college, I realized that I wanted to try my best to help educate this world. For 12 years I conducted an internet radio program in an effort to do just that. I later created a business educating children in the physical sciences. Since arriving here in Florida, I have taught Animal Behavior, Skeletal Anatomy, Honors Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Biology to students and adults in the greater Orlando, FL area.

I'm currently seeking funding to complete my PhD program in August 2016.


  • Work
    • Local Private School
  • Education
    • Clemson University Graduate School
    • University at Buffalo