Reid Hackney

Experienced in Corporate Efficiency and Expansion in San Antonio, Texas

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Reid Hackney is a respected San Antonio executive who serves as chief financial officer of A’GACI, LLC, and focuses on gearing finance, accounting, and IT operations toward major expansion efforts. Reid Hackney previously engaged with Ascena Retail Group, Inc., in similar capacities and was successful in driving corporate transformation activities that generated extensive growth.

Under Mr. Hackney’s leadership over a seven year period the company grew from approximately 40 retail stores to 2,800, while he directed financial operations for the $3 billion enterprise. His achievements included high employee satisfaction and low turnover in the finance department.

Mr. Hackney also oversaw mergers and acquisitions utilizing a variety of analytical processes and in-depth assessment of company operational strengths and weaknesses. He met extensively with the management of takeover targets and strove to come up with optimal pricing for M&A endeavors. Apart from work, Reid Hackney is a cycling enthusiast who enjoys the extensive urban parkland and mission that San Antonio possesses.

  • Work
    • AGACI
  • Education
    • Pennsylvania State University