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As you probably already figured,

my name is Rejeesh Ravindran.

I'm just an average joe who loves watching TV,

eating Taco Bell, and most importantly working on

my startup

Internet is my life, and I absolutely love it.

I was born and raised in kalyan (Mumbai).

I would love to collaborate on freelance opportunities.

When i look back to the days i spent in my past, i feel very happy that i learned how to face the future.

I remember the days which i spent fearing about my future, the nightmares and the sleepless nights. But today am glad that i learned to --"Live Today rather than to Die for the Future".... Because who know whats next..........

I am famous among my friends as Mentor who is 21 years old studying commerce in Mumbai . I worked with Airtel as a data support engineer.

I like to learn new things and also to make new friends.

I am Microsoft Cretifed Professional

If I was to describe myself in 3 words:
Rejeesh = Enthusiastic, Extroverted, (fit in as many) Experiences (as possible)

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