Relationship Guide

There are many men who are still in the phase of learning different ways, to please or woo the woman of their life. Sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives, we ignore the most important emotion in life, which is love. Under such scenarios, many sites have an online, which will help you to balance your work and love life.

Here are the 7 intimate secrets to woo the woman of your dream or life:

1. Attend a few events with your wife such as someone’s wedding or wedding anniversary party. According to a relationship guide, many women often miss the moments of their own marriage, while attending any wedding. It is the best time to sit back and whisper those moments to let her know that you miss those moments too. This is surely going to make her feel special.

2. Note down 5 best things that you wife loves to do. Plan those activities, according to your free time or holidays. For instance, you may plan to watch a movie together on one weekend, and go for a romantic dinner on the second weekend. The bottom line is she needs you and your time.

3. Join a course or an entertaining activity with your wife such as; Zumba training, Meditation or a dance class together. This is a great way to learn something new and with the best companion. She is surely going to feel special and happy about the time you would devote to her.

4. If you are already married, plan a surprise honeymoon or a surprise gift for her. Notice the things that she checks out in the store and feel excited about buying the same. Gift wrap that thing and leave it next to her bed for a pleasant surprise for the next morning.

5. Do not attend to phone calls when you are with her. Turn your phone on silent and avoid business calls when you are on a holiday or on a date with her. This is exactly what she is doing with you by taking an off from her work just to be with you.

6. Plan a movie, dinner or a house party with your best friends and call her too. Get her introduced to your best friends. Let her know and feel that she is a special part of your life, and you would not like to hide her from the ones whom you love.

7. When she is feeling sleepy, put your shoulder ahead and rest her head on your shoulder. Wrap her in your arms while she rests. This is one of the best ways to woo her. Women are expressive in life and they expect the same in r