Renault Ross

Atlanta, GA

Offering more than 15 years in network computing and cyber security, Renault Ross is a National Security Architect at Symantec Corporation, where he collaborates with public and private clients on multimillion-dollar information security projects. After service in the U.S. Navy and earning a degree in computer science from Chattahoochee Technical College program in 2000, Ross worked for two years at Xerox and another eight at Lend Lease, the world’s largest integrated property and infrastructure systems provider, where he managed systems engineering, network architecture, and systems security projects for clients. At Symantec, Renault Ross works primarily with institutional clients such as schools, departments of education, and state government agencies on a range of projects specific to information security and threat-reduction measures against malware, phishing, hacking, and other cyber attacks.

Renault Ross and his engineering team at Symantec are some of the nation’s leading experts on HIEs (Health Information Exchanges), MMISs (Maintenance Management Information Systems), user interfaces (UIs) for schools and departments of education, and tax information systems for government. Renault Ross is CCNA, MCSE, CHSS, and CISSP certified, is licensed or certified in a range of other computing technologies, and while at Symantec he stays apace of the latest advances in computing and network security.

Since 2010, Renault Ross has been a featured presenter at the Illinois Cyber Security Forum, leading workshops and colloquia on today's Internet threat landscape. Ross also has presented at the annual Information Security Briefing (ISB) convention, where he has led discussions and research groups on corrective technical controls in the realm of information security and the promotion of a global framework for preventive, detective, and corrective controls for information security.

When not at work, Renault Ross is an avid technology reader, learning as much about advances in Internet and systems technologies as time will permit. A sports and health buff, Ross enjoys general fitness and is a former powerlifting champion. He is committed to community development in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and he frequently serves as a youth mentor and motivational speaker for community groups.

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