Rene Kaiser

IT Innovator and Project Manager in Weyregg am Attersee, Österreich

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Rene Kaiser is a researcher at the Know-Center Research Center for Data-Driven Business and Big Data Analytics in Graz, Austria. He is working in applied research since 2006, has a software engineering background and is a PhD candidate at TU Graz. The focus of Rene's work is on the design of intelligent software systems and user interaction, as well as project management, business development and user evaluation based on quantitative and qualitative methods. Rene considers himself a generalist rather than a specialist, as he gained experience in different roles in a long list of projects and collaborations along his professional career.

Domains and application fields include media production and consumption, workplace learning, particular aspects in manufacturing industries, road and tunnel infrastructure monitoring, as well as high-performance computing. Beyond Austrian research endeavours, Rene contributed to a considerable list of European research projects, including NM2, Clinicip, Aposdle, TA2, FascinatE, Vconect, SemI40 and HiDALGO.

Rene loves to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams that develop sophisticated software solutions, tackle interesting challenges and find approaches for problems that hadn't been solved before. In many endeavours, the underlying aim is about enabling novel user experiences. In other instances, a socio-technical approach is taken to develop software features and re-design work processes in order to enable users to execute certain work tasks.

A particular focus of Rene's work is on the human-centred design of AI systems, new forms of interactive and immersive media, manifold challenges in HCI, and user experience assessment. He gained experience applying data-driven approaches as well as real-time event processing and rule-based decision making. Research findings resulted in publications in conferences, workshops, journals and books. Voluntary contributions to the research community include an extensive list of peer reviewing activities. He served as guest editor for two journal Special Issues (Springer MTAP). He co-organized the Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption (2013-2016) and Workshop on Multimedia Alternate Realities (2016-2018) series as well as the Workshop on Analytics, Learning & Collaboration in eXtended Reality in 2022. Further community work included activities as member and former chairman of the Knowledge Management Forum Graz, and co-organizer of the Barcamp Graz un-conference for several years.

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