Rene Kaiser

Researcher in Graz, Österreich

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Rene Kaiser is researcher at the Know-Center Research Center for Data-Driven Business and Big Data Analytics in Graz, Austria. He is working in research since 2006, has a software engineering background and is a PhD candidate at TU Graz. The focus of Rene's work is on research, the design of software systems and user interaction, as well as project management and business development.

His main research expertise and interest is in interactive personalized access to multimedia content, both in terms of technical approaches and understanding user needs. He has worked on reasoning with semantic media metadata, knowledge representation, real-time event processing, and declarative, rule-based decision making models. His research covered aspects in knowledge management, workplace learning, human-centered AI, immersive media and manifold challenges in HCI.

Rene is interested in various application areas of remote communication, interaction and collaboration. Particular research focus is on “Virtual Director” technology, i.e., automating cinematic decision making for presentation of live video streams - in a nutshell: technology towards automating the tasks which human TV broadcast directors perform. Rene contributed to a considerable list of European research projects, including NM2, Clinicip, Aposdle, TA2, FascinatE, Vconect, SemI40 and HiDALGO. Further Austrian research endeavours enabled to gain experience in many domains and application fields.

His work resulted in publications in conferences, workshops, journals and books. Rene loves connect with people and organize conferences, workshops and un-conferences. He most notably co-organized the Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption (WSICC) series at EuroITV’13, ACM TVX’14, TVX'15 and TVX'16, as well the AltMM workshops at ACM MM'16, MM'17 and MM'18. Special Issues of the Springer MTAP journal conclude both workshop series - the latter still in progress. Rene regularly contributes to the research community as TPC member for conferences and journals.

Rene loves to collaborate within European research projects, in interdisciplinary teams thinking outside the box and creating novel technical approaches that serve actual people’s needs.

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