Renee Sugarman

With a background in education, counseling, fitness, and travel coordination, Renee Sugarman has built a multifaceted career. As a family service counselor for SCI, she provides support services for families in bereavement and has won the company’s annual award for best customer service on six occasions. Based on her extensive experience in end-of-life counseling, Renee Sugarman has written two books for young people about coping with the death of a loved one, and has given lectures around the United States on the subject of facing the mortality of kith and kin. Certified by Disney and the Cruise Lines International Association, Renee Sugarman serves as a travel agent for Alpharetta, Georgia-based, Travel Management Services, where she helps clients book their vacations, or make arrangements for weddings and honeymoons. Since high school, Renee Sugarman has participated in sports such as tennis and lacrosse. Currently, she acts as commissioner of the NCAA women’s rugby Southern Wren League, and as a referee for women’s and girls’ lacrosse games sanctioned by US Lacrosse. As an independent personal trainer certified by the Personal Trainers Association, she develops fitness programs for clients in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area. Renee Sugarman possesses a BS in science and education from Florida State University and, earlier in her career, taught middle and high school science and special education classes in multiple school districts in the state of Georgia. During this period, as part of the hospital/homebound program, she instructed students confined to their homes by medical conditions.