Research with Reach

Penny Newell and Ella Parry-Davies co-founded Research with Reach in 2014, and are now co-directors of the Research with Reach network.

The network and training programme are aimed at postgraduate and early career researchers in the arts and humanities, supporting emerging academics in thinking though the scope of their research beyond the outlets of academia. It fosters the skills and opportunities required to broaden the range of research output, to widen the remit of readership or audience, and to deliver well-researched writing on platforms which value rigorous ideas in a non-specialist context.

What we are seeking to do here goes beyond the current concern to emphasize the ‘impact’ of one’s work. Instead, we are trying to open dialogue about a research practice that always already exhibits qualities of range and reach, and to nurture the development of a growing publishing space that affords this practice – as well as a cohort of scholars who will occupy it.

You will find a link to the network website at the bottom of this page.

Please contact Penny and Ella on and with any guest-blog proposals, queries or comments.

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