Res Mira


The vocal ensemble Res Mira is a female a cappella quartet, founded in 1997. The artistic leader of the group is Raisa Lahtiranta, a professional singer who also sings 2nd soprano in the group. The other members are Essi Aunola (S1), Outi Menna (A1) and Lara Saulo (A2).

The repertoire of Res Mira is wide but the emphasis lies mostly on contemporary Finnish music. Among the favourite composers are for example Kaj-Erik Gustafsson, Juha Holma, Pekka Kostiainen and Jaakko Mäntyjärvi.

During the years Res Mira has organised own conserts and also performed in churches and diverse happenings. The group has successfully attended several contests in Finland winning the first prize in 2004 and the third prize in 2002 in the national competition organized by The Finnish Female Choir Association and also the second prize in 2008 in the competition that was organized by The Finnish Amateur Musicians' Association (Sulasol).

Res Mira made into the final in 44. Choral Contest Tolosa, Spain from the 1st to the 4th of November 2012 and has also four separate concerts during the contest (see links).