Retriever Powered by NPC

Constantly upgrading its equipment and services, Retriever Powered by NPC stays abreast of developing technology and trends in the payment processing industry to help keep its clients up-to-date and capable of accepting payments from customers in any of a wide range of contemporary options. Never before have consumers had access to such a broad array of payment methods, from paper checks, debit, and credit cards presented at the point of purchase, the Internet, over the phone, or by mail. Some merchants have lost sales because they were limited in their ability to accept certain payments; Retriever Powered by NPC makes such lost revenue a thing of the past.

Paper checks have always presented a risk to merchants because of the ever-present potential for fraud, as well as simple innocent errors. Retriever Powered by NPC offers advanced check payment systems that verify and process paper checks on-the-spot, making them as safe and reliable as credit or debit cards. The company excels in card-not-present settings, such as when a transaction takes place over the phone or a customer orders a product by mail, writing credit card information on the order. The firm offers several solutions to reliably capture and verify payment data, helping ensure that its clients do not fulfill fraudulent orders. In addition to processing paper checks, debit cards, and credit cards, Retriever Powered by NPC also provides clients with gift and loyalty cards, proven methods of enhancing revenues and establishing a loyal customer base.

Retriever Powered by NPC recognizes that in order to stay competitive, enterprises must often move quickly. To that end, the firm's merchant processing center is set up for the rapid addition and activation of new accounts; in addition, existing clients can count on speedy upgrades, new equipment, technical support, and other assistance. Client satisfaction is of critical importance to the company, and it strives continuously to improve the quality of its service by monitoring support staff and auditing performance.