Reuben Jiggetts

The life career of Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. has been a testament to hard work, dedication, and the power of motivation. A Korean War veteran, he went to work in an apprenticeship program with the U.S. Government. Graduating to Journeyman Printer and Proofreader, Reuben Jiggetts quickly became a Procurement Analyst, responsible for procuring printing services and supplies from outside contractors.

Reuben Jiggetts made the move to the private sector early in his career, employing his considerable talents in a number of sales and managerial positions that allowed him to hit his stride as a top sales agent, trainer, and motivational executive. He built and managed a successful sales team in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, following which he was promoted to Regional Vice President for the southern Illinois region and then a similar position overseeing business in the New England States. Reuben Jiggetts later advanced to become a Managing Instructor at the Sales and Marketing Academy in Sanford, Florida for Turner Enterprises.

Viewing the future, Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. transitioned from a career in sales to the financial services industry, helping others protect and manage their assets. Returning to the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, he became the owner of Consolidated Financial Systems, Inc., in Silver Spring, Maryland. As Managing Securities Principal, Reuben Jiggetts directed a team of up to 48 sales agents in this securities and life insurance brokerage and provided financial planning strategies to clients.

After achieving success with his financial management firm, Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. saw a need in the business community for human resources professionals to be trained in the interpersonal skills he had acquired over the course of his career. He shifted focus in the mid-1980s to help large organizations develop their human resources functions and personnel. He concentrated on training HR staff members in key concepts, such as operating within ethnically and culturally diverse workforces, and was among the first to champion customer service, attitude development, diversity and stress management as legitimate and important practices for middle and upper management.

In addition, Reuben Jiggetts’ personal faith led him to help individuals assess and enhance their spiritual lives through the Center for Powerful Living, Inc.

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