Revanta Sarabhai

I am an independent performer, choreographer, multimedia designer and filmmaker. Having made my solo Indian classical dance-debut at age 8, I have been performing professionally and touring internationally with the India-based Darpana Performance Group since 1999. Trained in a variety of folk, contemporary and martial arts forms from India and across the world, I started experimenting with choreography at age 16, and have created work that has been showcased in larger productions at several prestigious venues and festivals across Asia, Europe, and North America. Having recently completed an MA in Performance & Creative Research at Roehampton University, I continue to live and make work between London and Ahmedabad.

With strong foundations in Indian classical dance and Kalaripayattu martial arts, and exposure to a variety of other styles (through my undergraduate degree at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia), I have developed a movement vocabulary that attempts to bring together the expressiveness of Bharata Natyam with the dynamic energy and geometry of both styles. In 2011 I created two short works for Akademi (London) that were featured at the Alchemy festival at the Southbank Centre. My first feature length work, LDR (produced at Korzo, NL), premiered in October 2011, addressed the challenges of long distance relationships through dance, theatre and multi-media. Rooted in traditional dance and performance forms, I strive to create cutting-edge work that is relevant to the society and times I live in.