Revenue Management Solutions Tampa FL

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For 20 years, Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) in Tampa, FL, has been helping clients delve into the science behind pricing strategies. Using proprietary mathematical algorithms to analyze clients’ business data, Revenue Management Solutions offers personalized solutions to business issues based on patented analytic processes and presents the results in a usable format.

These solutions often include customized media promotions, brand-specific marketing, and demand-based pricing methods. Having worked with more than 100 brands in the restaurant and retail industries, RMS uses patented analytic techniques to enable clients to find the perfect balance of profitable pricing and customer retention. The company currently holds five U.S. patents in support of its data-processing methods.

RMS was founded by Thomas John Kelly and George D. Rice. Both are authorities in the hospitality industry and steer a senior leadership team that has more than 250 years of combined work experience in the business analytic field. For more information about the company, or to view case studies and testimonials, please visit

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