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We are a modern dental implant practice specializing in minimally invasive, cone-beam CT guided implants designed to allow patients to recover faster and undergo implant placement with less risk. Dr. Templeton has 20 years of experience placing dental implants and has been a leader in CT-guided, less invasive implant placement since 2009. He has successfully placed thousands of implants during his career. Revitalize Dental Implants is dedicated to providing Edmond and the surrounding communities with modern, cost-effective dental implant solutions for missing teeth and ill-fitting or loose dentures. Dr. Templeton specializes in full-mouth reconstruction and is committed to providing the most affordable teeth-in-a-day, all-on-4, and implant supported dentures. A full range of anesthesia options is provided ranging from in-office IV sedation, oral sedation to general anesthesia in an out-patient surgery center. Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is another very common procedure performed by Dr. Templeton and his staff.

Our practice is very customer oriented and committed to finding cost effective solutions to fit every budget. Payment plans are also available. And for some Real Patient Success Stories Dental Implant Success Story This young lady fell off a cliff at a local lake resulting in a severe injury that knocked out multiple front teeth and the bone around the teeth.

She presented to my office with a severe defect and insufficient bone to place implants. She underwent a bone graft procedure to correct the defect. Bone was transferred from her lower jaw to the defect in the upper. Her restoration was virtually planned based on Cone Beam CT 3D modeling software. Dental implants were placed and 6 months later a beautiful implant supported fixed bridge was delivered. Needless to say, she is all smiles

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Revitalize Dental Implants: Dr. Ken Templeton

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