Andrew Revkin

journalist in Cold Spring, New York

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Andrew Revkin is one of America’s most honored writers on environmental sustainability and the role of communication innovation in fostering progress on a fast-forward, noisy planet. Most recently, he was Strategic Adviser for Science and Environmental Journalism, expanding support and grants for global sustainability-focused journalism at the National Geographic Society. That move, in 2018, followed three decades of ground-breaking journalism, including 14 years at The New York Times as a reporter and 6 after his Dot Earth blog moved to the Opinion section in 2010. He began writing on climate change in the 1980s and never stopped. Revkin has won most of the top awards in science journalism.

From 2010 to 2016, he was also senior fellow for environmental understanding at Pace University, where he developed courses in online communication and filmmaking focused on sustainability. He has written acclaimed books on humanity’s weather and climate learning journey, global warming, the changing Arctic and the assault on the Amazon rain forest. In spare moments, he is a performing songwriter.