Rex Brewka, BS, CNMT

Neuromuscular Therapy in Denver, Colorado

After graduating from Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, Rex went on to earn his certification in bodywork from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He gained his advanced training and certification in Neuromuscular Therapy through Judith Walker-Delany, and Paul St. John and The Neurosomatic Educators. In 2004, he became one of the first Nationally Certified Medical Massage Therapists (NCMMT), a group that is committed to upholding a higher standard of technique and education for massage therapy nationwide. He served five years as a representative to the Board of Directors at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. He also co-owned and directed Colorado Wellness Group & Medical Massage Center, Inc. from 2002 to 2009. Rex offers a unique and intuitive approach to NMT and postural alignment. While establishing functional goals and gains for treatment he appoaches each session with new eyes and sense for what is occuring physiologically with each client. Rex enjoys keeping a diverse clientele and finds appreciation in the challenges presented by them.