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Artist, Photographer, and Designer in Cabo San Lucas, מקסיקו

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Ronny Or Haklay – the MASTERSPRAY


My name is Ronny Or Haklay. Born 1972, in Israel .

I have never studied art in school or in private, nor was I exposed to many artists and masterpieces during my growth. Simply and naively I have enjoyed imagining… I had a pleasure creating “stuff” that looked aesthetically nice in my eyes, and most of all I enjoyed observing nature, colors, harmony and beauty.

After serving in the military, at the age of 21 I left Israel and started traveling the world. Inspired by new borders, new cultures and endless wonders out of the sense of time and place, I was creating much and as time passed, it has become my way of living.

Today, I'm still traveling the world as an international artist, inspired by the concept of one planet without borders and distributing the beauty and harmony that I see to the people of the world, wherever they are and whatever they do; and I find a common denominator to everyone when it comes to beauty and harmony,which is expressed in my paintings. First time that I encountered Spray art was in Mexico , more than 18 years ago and very excited I bought a few cans of spray paint and started ‘playing’ with it. Often, I like to say that I sculpt with the paint rather than drawing with it; I touch it, smear it, burn it, and do many different things in order to manipulate and shape it into various textures. Each texture forms a different object in the final painting (water, sand, sky, stone, etc.) This way, by playing, experimenting, and observing the paint, I have developed my own techniques and thus, by exploring the material on one hand and the world on the other, a new, fresh, original, and unique art style was developed, and so did I along with it…

With years passing by I have been exposed to millions of ppl from all over the world, who had liked my art and have been a big inspiration for me. During these years I have made and sold over 10,000 paintings, always been trying to create new images and challenging myself constantly. In time, I had realized I was creating not only paintings but a whole new path in the world of art, a path of new medium and new techniques, and a unique way of expression, directly from my soul. Through my paintings I carry the message of peace , love and light , Opening people's heart and mind to the ONE divine.

contact : +52 1 6241751178