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"You're...uh, pleasantly quirky." (a colleague)
"You've just always struck me as a grumpy soul. Nothing wrong with it. The world needs curmudgeons." (Trae Dorn)

Hello. You're probably looking at this because you saw something I said on Twitter.

Before I continue, please be advised that:
- All of my thoughts on the internet are my own views and should not be taken as representative of any employer.
- RTs are not endorsements, but I usually don't RT stuff I entirely disagree with.
- My criticism does not equate to personal attack.
- Sometimes I am rash and sometimes I screw up. I'm currently working on the fine art of apology, but it's a work in progress.
- Pronouns are them/they/their.
- I do not want to be quoted without direct links to my words and notification.

If you're thinking about following me, I generally talk about science fiction, social justice, mental health, queerness, gender, Glasgow, the media, food, Wisconsin politics, Smith College, fandom, and assorted geeky pursuits, but never any one of those all of the time.
I'm critical of racism, colonialism, and other structural inequalities, and my feminism is inclusive of trans women, sex workers, and non-binary people. If you have a problem with that, I may not be your thing.
Sometimes I am silly.
Twitter is where a lot of my life streams cross, but I don't talk much about my job, my family, or people in my offline life without their consent.

If that's cool, buckle up and strap in.

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