Ricardo Stefani

Small Business Owner, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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Service Specialist at Instituto SENAI de Inovação - ISI (since 2018). Co-founder and CTO of StartUp Spinpo Serviços Tecnológicos (2015-2018). Post-Graduation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from PUC-Minas (In Progress). Bachelor of Information System from UNESA (2013). Founder and General Maneger of GDG Petrópolis (2016-2018) and speaker to help improve the technological development community in Brazil. I work in development, software architecture and project management, with emphasis on Game Development, Applications (Android, iOS and Hybrids), FullStack, Database. With development skills: Unity3D, Unreal, Construct2, Android, Swift, C, C ++, C # (.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin), Java, JavaScript (node.js, Angular, Ionic , ...), PHP, Python, GOLang, TypeScript, Dart, and others. Experience in management and development using agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and PMP. I work actively in the research line of development of hybrid hybrid simulators (Software and Automation)

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