Riccardo Bua

I am an italian expat living in Brussels, Belgium since 2000. I have been working for Cisco on telephony and applications from that date, I explored the joy of lean, project, process and people management with a mix of ITIL, DMAIC, PMI, SCPM practices. I love working with people, being customers or partners or team members. I am currently attending an Executive MBA in Jouy-en-Josas with HEC Paris.

I am multilingual, using english and french daily and getting to practice seldomly my spanish, german and flemish. I started studying some mandarin and can chew some words in Croatian/Slovenian, Portuguese, Russian and Greek.

I am a well rounded professional that loves dancing and tasting wine(oenology) as a hobby, nowadays mostly argentinian tango and italian/french wines but you might see me occasionally with a glass of South African, Argentinian or American wine. You can find me on IMDB as I found myself dancing and acting in a movie that eventually got a couple of international rewards.