Richard Smith

Co-Founder of TranzactCard in Provo, Utah

Richard Smith serves as a co-founder of TranzactCard, an innovative banking and e-commerce operation headquartered in Provo, Utah. His entrepreneurial odyssey began at Utah Valley University, when as a student he immersed himself in the burgeoning realm of e-commerce, acknowledging its future implications amidst the quickly-evolving internet sphere of the 90s. Richard launched an online clothing business that rapidly grew into a multi-million dollar operation. Its soaring e-commerce success was notable, particularly during a time when Amazon was still narrowly focused on books.

Equipped with expertise in e-commerce, import-export, and wholesale distribution, Smith launched TranzactCard in 2023 as a groundbreaking banking and e-commerce platform. Since then, the company has rapidly built momentum, registering over 10,000 users within months of its preliminary launch, and continues to enjoy a steady, upward trend in registrations.

At the core of TranzactCard's philosophy is Smith's focus on creating rewarding customer experiences and having a positive social impact in communities he serves. He is committed to advancing financial solutions for all Americans, specifically addressing the needs of the underbanked and non-banked, leveraging the robust capabilities that TranzactCard brings to the financial arena.