Richard Canfield

Financial Advisor, Life Insurance, and RichardCanfield in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Richard Canfield

Financial Advisor, Life Insurance, and RichardCanfield in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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“Anyone learning the secrets of Infinite Banking from Richard Canfield is in very good hands. Richard understands this system as well as or better than anyone I’ve ever taught. And just as importantly, he’s a genius at teaching it to others. The chance to learn from Richard is a chance to secure your family’s prosperity forever… don’t let it pass you by.”

– R. Nelson Nash, Developer of The Infinite Banking Concept®

“With Richard’s guidance, we dramatically accelerated our ideal financial future. After a few simple shifts in how we view and manage our money, we’re much closer to our goals and it's given us peace of mind. Best of all, we’ve been able to help people we care about thanks to our newfound financial flexibility.”

– Fong Chua and Jessica Ng

“Infinite Banking has helped me wipe out debt and get into some really exciting investments. I’d recommend any Canadian learn this system from Richard. He’s a genius. He takes the time to explain the ins and outs of Infinite Banking properly, and anytime I have a question he’s there to help me get to the answer.”

-Paul Eikeland

“I was frustrated with traditional investing vehicles when I first met Richard. The Family Banking Blueprint Richard guided me to create has exceeded every one of my expectations, and when I look to its future all I see is more growth. I wish I knew about this when I was in my 20s. Better yet, I wish my parents knew and opened policies. People need to learn about this and get away from using banks.

– Hughs Ng

Richard is passionate about teaching Canadian families & business owners how to Implement The Infinite Banking Concept® in Canada. This helps stop the massive wealth transfers we experience over a lifetime. Teaching simple strategies to help clients recover their hard earned money so they can recycle it again and again for multiple generations. Richard also helps clients strategize creative Real Estate acquisitions and financing. He builds relationships that last; focused on connecting others together so everyone may prosper.

Richard Canfield is a Certified Infinite Banking Practitioner with the Nelson Nash Institute. He has been successfully teaching the powerful Infinite Banking Concept as created by R. Nelson Nash in his book Becoming Your Own Banker since 2009. Richard is a proud father and husband who enjoys quality time with his young family as they blossom in the wonderful world we all live in.

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