Richard Sorgnard

Consultant in New York

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Richard Sorgnard is the executive director for Morhea Technologies LLC. Morhea Technologies LLC designs, develops, engineers and produces complex electronic equipment, electric signal generation (EST) devices (including FHSS signaling). The Morhea Technologies LLC headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along with being involved in applied techniques for the medical, governmental and consumer electronics industries. Richard Sorgnard's proprietary technology is currently used (under Morhea license) by multiple companies in the medical industry.

Richard Sorgnard is also the Director of Technology for the International Institute for Chronic Disease. He works regularly with the technology of electric signal generation and applies the techniques in the medical and governmental sectors. Under the Morhea license, Richard Sorgnard has developed proprietary technology being used by various companies throughout the medical industry.

As someone with a PhD in molecular cell biology, Richard Sorgnard is particularly interested in how the generation of electric signals can affect cells. This has led to developments, such as RST-Sanexas, an electrical cell signaling treatment for pain. The technology has been called a breakthrough in pain management treatment. Numerous studies have been published in medical journals to describe the efficacy of electronic signal intonation (ESI) with patients. Richard Sorgnard explains that (ESI) is a patented technology at the communication level that has produced unprecedented patient outcomes.

Richard Sorgnard is zealous about finding as many uses as possible for quantum-based strategies in the medical industry. Richard Sorgnard believes that it can be used in even more medical issues beyond pain. When the right electronic signals can be generated, they can be used to treat diabetic problems, arthritic disorders, claudication and most rehabilitation problems. There are also clinical trials that examine how it can help dementia.