Richard Hoefer

San Francisco, California, United States

I have been a UX Designer/ Information Designer since 1995, have worked in all kinds of team configurations: UX/UI company employee ( managing the development of the entire worldwide online presence and product transaction design; contractor for incubators like Idealab; two-person design team doing rapid iteration proof-of-concept prototyping; manager of UI Department (TCI Cable Interactive, Los Angeles); with a wide array of product development projects from ITV, broadband content channels, to Web startups in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with an emphasis on mainstream consumer products & services.

My approach to UX differs from the widely-taught methodologies focused around HCI degreed curricula, because my skillbase is built on top of 10 prior years in mainstream consumer marketing, advertising & communication design as well as Hollywood film & TV production: All of which operate from very core psychologies & methods of engaging and holding audience attention.

Clients have found my most powerful value is at the very early Product Development stage, working directly and quickly with business owners and lead product developers, in rapid iteration wireframes (primarily paper) to identify and flush up every single experience element that is core to your various target audiences. Then clarifying the product's specific positioned advantage in the marketplace, and building an early prototype UX that makes that connection within the first 10 seconds of a user encountering your site.

CURRENTLY: Engaged in a large project which directly addresses the multiple UX flaws in the Google+ social network. However I am periodically available for 1 month stints if your needs match my offerings. Email and let's discuss.

At present I have no portfolio online. What I had was obsolete and haven't yet had the time to best market what I do. (I understand that is not helpful, but it is true.)

Thanks for reading!

Current location: San Francisco, CA, USA (12 years). Prior locations: Los Angeles, CA, USA (10 years); Austin, TX (5 years); New Orleans, LA (born & raised) . Travel/ Gigs: Serbia | Czech Republic | Thailand | Cambodia | Vietnam | St. Petersburg

  • Work
    • RH UXD studio (I primarily do consulting work now)
  • Education
    • American Film Institute Conservatory (Los Angeles)
    • University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Communication Design, TV, Film)