Richard Liebowitz

Photographer and Broadway Producer in New York, New York

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Richard Liebowitz is a professional producer for Broadway productions in New York City. In his most recent project, he was part of the team that brought American Buffalo back to the stage this past spring after a delay during the pandemic. As a teen, he became interested in the creative arts after participating in an internship with a professional photojournalist and has gone on to build his career around the New York art industry. As a photographer himself, Richard is passionate about supporting these critical players in the media and production industry.

Throughout his career, Richard has amassed a finely tuned skill set that has helped him along his entrepreneurial journey. As a professional, Richard is known for his talents in marketing, social networking, startups, and media relations. Alongside his photography skills, he is also known for his blogging, photojournalism, and public speaking.

With his free time, Richard Liebowitz volunteers weekly with The Bowery Mission, a soup kitchen and housing organization open 365 days a year to provide meals, shelter, and clothing to New Yorkers who are experiencing hunger, food insecurity, homelessness, and other crises. He is currently working with the Mission to put together a program to teach unemployed individuals the skills necessary to establish careers as freelance photographers.

  • Education
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Hofstra University School of Law